Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I've Gone and Done It

I said it would happen and now it has. I've created a newsletter for Elephant's Bookshelf Press. I don't think anyone has seen it yet, since I am just starting to create an email list. I'd love to have you sign up at the EBP website where it says "Get your elephant updates!" (Ok, it doesn't actually have an exclamation on the site, but I'm excited about it.)

In fact, I'm so excited that in the first full-fledged newsletter I'm going to offer one of the EBP anthologies to new subscribers for free! No, it won't be Spring Fevers, since that's already free. But one of those that ordinarily requires a reader to plunk down a few bucks. I'm not being cagey, I just haven't decided which book to offer.

As this EBP newsletter thing grows, I'll be sharing interviews with authors as well as information on new and upcoming books and good news from some of wonderful writers worthy of an elephant's trumpet. And there'll probably be other free things because free is my favorite four-letter F word.

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