About me

I'm a professional writer and editor, covering the philanthropic and charitable sectors. In my freelance work, I write about sports, art and culture, business, parenting, as well as personal profiles and anything else that piques my interest and pays. I am also a fiction writer, and am finalizing a manuscript that has seen many iterations and improvements. After shelving a lot of writing-related goals in 2009 due to the birth of my daughters, I will reignite my quest for an agent very soon, and return to two other manuscripts that are in progress. I am also researching a nonfiction project to determine its marketability. Busy, busy, busy....

As if all that weren't enough, I'm also one of the founding members of From the Write Angle, where I post items about nonfiction, literary fiction, and the writing process in general.

I am an active member of the AgentQuery Connect community, where I serve as moderator of the Nonfiction Forum.

And a new work in progress is my personal Website, which my blogs will link to soon.