Friday, August 08, 2014

Cover Reveal: Trefury: Mendi's Curse by Joyce Alton

Wow, has this year been a busy roller coaster or what? Between publishing and promoting Whispering Minds, Winter’s Regret, and Battery Brothers and preparing for the release of Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand in December, I’ve barely had any time to blog.

But ever since I established Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, I have been determined to use this blog not only to highlight EBP writers but also share with others information about the many talented writers I’ve gotten to know over the years, regardless of their relationship to EBP.

To frequenters of my other online writing home, AgentQuery Connect, Joyce Alton is known as Clippership. She’s the moderator of what is probably the most popular group on AQC, the Speculative Fiction Forum. In my opinion, she treats it like a full-time job, which as most of us writers know tends to take away from our own writing time.

Clip is preparing to release her latest work, Trefury: Mendi’s Curse, the first part of a trilogy, which will be released in September. I’m honored to share with you the cover of the book, a space fantasy in which Thssk, a cunning and dangerous six-thousand year-old norhendra, has unwittingly caused the near extinction of his people. To rescue a boy who is pursued by his enemies, Thssk must partner with a human named Cortnee Feyandihar who is skilled and fiercely loyal but reckless and unpredictable. Their partnership may be as unlikely to succeed as their quest, but it is their last best option to achieve their goals.

I look forward to checking it out!

In the meantime, check out the cover and visit Joyce’s various homes around the Web.

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