Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Next Anthology

One of the aspects of Elephant's Bookshelf Press that has emerged -- in large part due to the authors we've met -- is a concern for those in need and helping where we can. With the Seasons Series about to close with Winter's Regret, we're getting ready to launch something new.  

Bullying is a huge concern for parents, students, and school officials. The results of this tragic childhood issue can be seen in the news on a regular basis. Yet we continue to address the issue too late for most children. Studies show that targeting children before the age of ten and teaching them how to positively interact with each other before their behavior patterns are set is the biggest deterrent for future bullying.

Because of this, Elephant's Bookshelf Press is putting together an antibullying anthology for kids between the ages of seven and twelve. Cat Woods will lead this effort and serve as the editor for the anthology. 

Submissions can be told from the point of view of the bully, the victim or the bystander and must be suitable for middle grade (MG) readers. All stories should have a clear resolution that will help readers better understand the impact of bullying and/or help give them appropriate tools to deal with potential bullying situations in their lives. The maximum word count for stories is 2,500.

Submissions can be sent to Cat's email address ( ) with MG Anthology in the subject line.

Submissions are due February 15. We're aiming to publish in early May (May 5 is our target date.)

If you have questions, you can ask Cat or me (Matt Sinclair; I'm serving as copy editor on this one.)

We will not be able to pay for a story, but we will send authors a gratis copy of the final anthology.