Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Now They Can Be Revealed!

I don't know about you, but for Elephant's Bookshelf Press and me, June flashed by faster than a four-year-old. I had so much to do and I still do, but at least I have a pair of covers to share with you all!

Introducing, for the first time as companion anthologies, for your viewing pleasure, the covers of Summer's Edge and Summer's Double Edge!

They are due to be released by our happy elephant mascot, Pachelbel (more on that name to come...) on July 15th.

There's still much to do in the days ahead, but I hope you like what you see on the cover and we all at Elephant's Bookshelf Press look forward to presenting you with the stories within.


JeffO said...

They look great, Matt. Facebooked and blogged already. Looking forward to the finished products!

Anonymous said...

The covers are exquisite! Great job :)


Matt Sinclair said...

And thanks, Jeff!