Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Calling All Super Readers!

As one of my daughters' favorite cartoons says: Calling all Super Readers!

Did you love Spring Fevers? I don't mean just the story by your buddy or the one you wrote, I mean the whole enchilada, cover to cover, e-pixel to e-pixel (or whatever they're called.)

If so, I'd like to speak with you. It can be over the phone (my dime), or via email. Heck, I'll even send you an address if you prefer a written item of snail mail. Whatever way you prefer, that works for me.

What's in it for you? Well, the first five Super Readers will be sent a free copy of The Fall when it comes out. We're working hard to produce it and it's making progress. But part of what I'm looking for is how to make it and the next works of Elephant's Bookshelf Press also as strong as they can be, too.

Super Readers, please send a note to You can even use Super Reader in the subject line. You deserve it!

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