Friday, January 13, 2012

A Busy Year Ahead

Regular visitors to the Elephant's Bookshelf may have wondered why my posts have been sporadic over much of the past year. Well, there are several reasons, two of which are now three years old, and as any parent knows, kids take up a lot of time. My work-a-day life is also quite busy and isn't going to slacken.

But another reason is something I'm going to announce here, now. I've been working with a few friends of mine in the AgentQuery Connect community to put together an anthology of short stories. It's called Spring Fevers.

In a nutshell, the stories are about relationships: Love, requited and unrequited; friendship; anger and resolution; parenting. These writers shared so much, and I'm very excited about what you'll see.

It's my first venture into electronic publishing. I even bought myself a Kindle to make sure I know what this -- and future projects -- looks like before it goes out to readers.

Although we're still weeks away from launch, I can say that there's something for everyone in the anthology. These stories from about a dozen writers touch on matters of the heart, but you won't be sweetening your coffee with all of them. As we all know, relationships can be bumpy rides. The stories in this anthology will be no exception.

Although attention will be called to his contributions (and his excellent stories!) within the anthology, I want to publically thank Robb Grindstaff for copy editing the stories and working directly with the authors to bring their visions to life. He also suggested its name.

Over the coming weeks, in addition to finishing everything off on the anthology, I also intend to get a few interviews ready, including links to interviews of writers who will appear in the anthology and other writers I want to share with everyone. As the year progress, I hope I'll be able to post on a more regular basis. Both here and of course at From the Write Angle. Let me know if I get too annoying.


TK Richardson said...

Congratulations on the anthology! I also have one coming very soon. It's for the YA audience titled Love, Me. I look forward to reading the AQC anthology, too! It sounds great.


Matt Sinclair said...

Thanks, T.K.! Sounds like you've got a busy year ahead also.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Yea! I stumbled over here from the Write Angle and now I know the name of the anthology! Now I know you have a blog. I never claimed to be an online wizard. But this is all very exciting for you and everyone involved. Am I gonna have to buy a kindle??

Matt Sinclair said...

Welcome to the Elephant's Bookshelf, Yvonne! The answer is no (unless there's some unforseen problem). I'm confident we'll have a printable version, probably via Smashwords. The background details on that are still happening, but I want a printed version, too, so I'll make sure there's some avenue for readers without a Kindle or other e-reader.