Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year, New Challenges, New Inspirations

Not wanting to rehash the same old "resolution/goal" post, I found what I didn't know I was looking for in the blog of another aspiring author. The blog is Tikiman1962, which I only saw because I follow N.M. Kelby on Facebook. I don't know the guy who writes Tikiman. (Is he familiar with Martel's Tiki bar at the Jersey Shore? Or does "tiki" mean something else for this guy?) But I already feel a bit of kinship with him. He writes, he's done NaNoWriMo for several years, he's married and appreciates the help his wife can provide him in his writing. And he appears to speak with his own voice on his blog.

Good qualities all.

His 2010 wrap-up piece made me think about what I accomplished in the year that's already packed in a Hefty bag and lying on the curbside. I posted 30 items on The Elephant's Bookshelf in 2010 — more than some years, fewer than others. A couple were book reviews by writing friends. Some were very short pieces that I slapped together on the fly. What I really loved about the majority of them, however, is that they seemed to find an audience. I thank all of you who commented and hope I inspire you to do so in 2011.

To be sure, the largest contingent of commenters came from the community of writers I belong to at AgentQuery Connect, which I think is the most honest, critical, and supportive writers' site on the Web — at least those I'm familiar with. I also say thank you to Caroline Hagood, whose witty, wonderful blog Culture Sandwich has been a joyful discovery for me. Caroline shared a book review on the Bookshelf, and I wrote a blog post in the Sandwich. In between, we both seemed to enjoy what the other was writing. I call that a great example of how the Internet can expand your horizons and help you develop opportunities. Plus, creating friendships with other writers always strikes me as good karma.

If the opening days of 2011 are any indication, the new year is replete with such opportunities, too. So, whether you're looking forward or peeking in your rearview mirror, I wish good luck to my fellow writers as we all look to typing, scribbling, or scratching out word after word after word.


hb_wichita said...

Thank you for the mention. The bottom line is we move forward, gathering just enough of the past to use as stepping stones in order to proceed...where? Wherever our hearts and minds and creative intellect takes us.
I look forward to following you further.

Matt Sinclair said...

Well said, and welcome. Hope the year goes well for all of us.

Caroline Hagood said...

Awww. You just made my night (and that's no easy feat given the day I've had). As you know, I've greatly enjoyed your blog and our blogship (mixture of blogging and friendship that I just made up that I'm pretty sure isn't going to catch on, ha ha). I come here often hoping for a new post and am always happy when I find one.

Matt Sinclair said...

"Blogship," I like it!

Yes, the past few months have seen my blogging time cut back significantly, and I think I've seen many of my regular readers move on to other places. But I hope I'll regain them as I pledge to blog more regularly in 2011. (Is that a resolution?)

However it works out, I hope there's lots of blogship to continue in 2011 and beyond.

BobSinc said...

It's a long weeekend, your blogship. Get posting.

Matt Sinclair said...

Thanks, Bob. You too!