Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Do You Like Me? Join the Herd

In a mad dash to scoop up as much money as possible ... Ok that's not even close to true. Let's try again.

The Elephant's Bookshelf is now on Facebook. I haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet, but so far, I think it'll complement the blog. Perhaps we can get into more complex discussions about the things we're writing or reading these days. Or maybe you're an evil stalker wondering how to infiltrate my life and riddle me with spam — or worse.

We'll see if this is a good idea, but for now, I will formally invite you to check it out, "Like" it, and share your thoughts and ideas. Welcome to the family.


caroline_hagood said...

Hmmm, as an evil stalker, do I tell him I'm an evil stalker trying to infiltrate his life and riddle him with spam? no, I'll just go "like" his page and then surprise him later.
--The thoughts of an evil stalker, brought to you by Evil Stalker Hagood

Matt Sinclair said...

I never said I wouldn't allow evil stalkers to like the bookshelf :-)

Thanks for joining the herd.

Jemi Fraser said...

I haven't done the Facebook thing yet. Strangely it often makes me feel a little guilty. There's just not another minute of time for me to add anything else.

Hope you have fun with it - good luck!

Matt Sinclair said...

I don't think you should feel guilty about having a full life, Jemi. It makes me feel even more pleased that you're able to spend time here at the Elephant's Bookshelf. The Facebook page is a means for me to promote the blog (another plank in that platform!), but you're putting in the time on your manuscripts. Both are necessary, but if I had larger chunks of time, I know where I'd spend them.

Lisa_Gibson said...

Sadly, I failed stalking 101. :) Always good to have family though. I'm not on facebook alot but do swing by and say hey from time to time.

Matt Sinclair said...

Thanks, Lisa. And one of the things that makes the Internet such an interesting place is it's always ready to help us become expert stalkers. Kinda scary at times, actually.