Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Not Quite, but It Was Worth the Attempt

Well, I didn't quite get to where I wanted to go with my 2009 attempt at National Novel Writing Month. I had less than a thousand words to go with five days in which to write them, but between babies and other family demands, I wasn't able to spare any time. That happens.

Much thanks to all those who joined me in this and encouraged me to keep at it. I know several of my NaNo buddies topped 50,000, including a co-worker who I suspect is quite proud of herself — and justifiably so. She knows that 50,000 words is just the beginning; there's more to be written, revised, shaped, and decided. A novel doesn't happen in a month, but the writing can.

Congratulations to all you NaNoers who put in the time. Whether you completed the 50,000 goal or not, you should be applauded for making the attempt. While that's all well and good, if you truly believe you want to write a novel, keep going, regardless of your "winning" status. On the NaNo site, they often mention that "December is for revising." (Or do they say 'editing'? I may need to revise that.)

For me, I have 9100 words that I didn't have on October 31. That's on top of the 15,000+ words I'd written for this manuscript last November. Who knows what the next tweleve months have in store for me. I'd like to believe that by next November I'll have finished this particular manuscript, or at least written too much more to use Nano to complete it.

What have you written lately? Please share a story about your latest story.


Anonymous said...


It's all about getting something down. Congrats on the extra words you can add to the previous. Every word counts.

I finished NaNo with a new novel (complete with lots of plot holes that need filled in the coming months) and a thin inch over 60K words.

Matt Sinclair said...

Great job! I forsee a winter of you filling in plot holes. Nice work if you can get it.

Victoria Dixon said...

You're still 9100 words + whatever you did in Nano last year ahead of me, so I applaud your efforts, Matt. I just couldn't break away from the current ms to start something new. Ah well. ;D

Matt Sinclair said...

Thanks, Victoria. I completely understand. For me, the challenge is getting any personal writing time -- period. I'm pleased. And I'm glad you've been able to continue working on your current ms. I have some questions to answer for you, too.... I liked the questions. Not bad for someone who probably doesn't know me at all beyond what you've seen me type here and at AQ.

Victoria Dixon said...

LOL. Thanks! I look forwarad to your responses. :) I've tried to improve my interviewing skills for future hopeful opportunities. LOL