Sunday, November 08, 2009

Nano '09: One Week In

What started off well has quickly fizzled for me. I wrote 2000 words the first and have been unable to match that total since, but I still hold out hope for today.

Meanwhile, the babies are stirring, calling me away from the computer once again.

Write on, fellow Nanoers!

[Update: I've topped 4300 so far and am diving in for more.]


Cat Woods said...

I feel your pain, Matt!

Weekends are super tough for me and this weekend was filled with as many writer's blocks as distractions.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose...keep writing, keep smiling and give those babies all the love you can!

Matt Sinclair said...

Thanks. I almost missed picking up my wife at the train station because I went back in and was close to two milestones: 5000 words this year and 20,000 for the manuscript over all. (I returned to last year's work in progress.)

But I have my laptop with me for the commute home tonight. As long as I stay awake, I should be able to pass both milestones and get closer to new goals.

ExpressYourself said...

Those silly babies! They pull me away from the computer as well! lol :)

Matt Sinclair said...

They did so last night too. I'd finally topped 5000 for this year and hoped to get another 1000 or so, but they were too happy (and too cute) to go to sleep when they're supposed to.

I have my work cut out for me ;-)