Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vacation Writing

This week of vacation is different than most of my previous vacations the past few years. This year, I'm not re-editing my novel. I have one copy of it out in the world and I will send others out either this week or soon after. (Of course, I've said that before.)

Instead, I've been working on stuff around the house and feeding and diapering children. But I should also get a chance to restart my new manuscript, begun in November. No guarantees, of course, as children will demand all sorts of attention and I'm willing to give them a lot.

Are you writing daily?


Joe said...

I wish I was writing daily, but writing is work-- and work is something I procrastinate. Unless I have to write, or feel possessed to it's very difficult for me to get away from the internet-- but once I manage to I usually don't want to stop writing.

The internet, she is traitorous siren. I can't imagine what I could have gotten done if I lived a hundred years ago.

The most important thing is starting, I think. You have no obligation to finish until you've written that first line, right?

Good luck with getting your novel out there.

Matt Sinclair said...

Thanks Joe.

And perhaps you should try imagining what you would have done 100 years ago; it could start you writing on a project that you like. Whether you have an obligation to finish it is up to you.

Anonymous said...

I just refinished Lady Chatterly
-T. Lehrer

Matt Sinclair said...

Very nice.