Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nonfiction Writers Wanted!

If you're a writer of nonfiction who's looking to get his book idea into shape for agents, you might want to visit and join AgentQuery Connect, where a nonfiction discussion group was recently established. For those of you who are familiar with AQC, you probably know that it's primarily populated with fiction writers, but nonfiction remains the biggest segment of the publishing world and AQC recognizes that.

I don't work for AgentQuery, I'm simply an active member of that community, and while I'm there to gain insight into getting my fiction published, I'm a working journalist with ideas for several nonfiction works, so I'll be an active participant in that area too.

There simply haven't been many participants yet, so come on in and join on the ground floor of an active online community of writers. I'm sure you'll like it.


Jean said...

Although I have a nonfiction piece that I'm giving away blog-style (www.itsallkidsplay.blogspot.com), I probably won't join the group. I'll eavesdrop though! :)

Great idea for a group.

greg said...

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thanks and all best,
greg aunapu
The Salkind Literary Agency