Monday, September 10, 2007

Death Comes to the Ideal Children's Author

Now this sounds like a perfect life story for a writer -- if any life can be called perfect. Madeleine L'Engle died recently. She's most famous for writing A Wrinkle in Time.

The comment includes a comment that she believed that life experiences are subservient to subconscious and perhaps larger spiritual influences. Though the reporter seemed surprised by that revelation, I know many writers -- myself included -- who would agree with her.

"Why does anybody tell a story?" she once asked, even though she knew the answer.

"It does indeed have something to do with faith," she said, "faith that the universe has meaning, that our little human lives are not irrelevant, that what we choose or say or do matters, matters cosmically."

I know that sounds all "New Agey" and trippy, dude, but I'd subscribe to what she said.

I wish I could have met her. I suspect she was a pleasant conversationalist, knowledgeable about many topics regardless of her formal training. She looks like she would have like to share time over a scotch and soda and tell a couple of off-color tales that seemed much racier in the telling than the words suggest.

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