Saturday, June 24, 2006

What I’m reading

Among my New Year’s resolutions was to read at least two books a month, which I’ve been able to accomplish pretty easily. With a week left in June, I’ve averaged about a book per week. I began Richard Adams’s Watership Down this morning, and I will start Ian McEwan’s Saturday on the train Monday (if not sooner).

However, I fear I’m not thinking enough about these novels, short stories, and works of nonfiction that I read on the train or in bed, or while taking care of bodily functions that otherwise leave me to sit and ponder. So, I’ve decided to create an appendage to my blog. Unlike my Coffee Cup, this blog will have a focus: Books and short stories -- my thoughts on what I’ve been reading: what I liked, what I disliked, what confused me. Assuming this blog will be as popular as the Coffee Cup (which perhaps one brother and a couple friends ever visit), I don’t expect much feedback from the general populace. But I encourage the occasional adventurer to comment, criticize, agree with, or disregard what I’ve said. Also, feel free to suggest other books I should read. Many of the books I’ve been reading lately are resurrected tomes from my college days –- things I’ve not looked at in more than a decade, and books I’ve forgotten I own. I also pick up random books at yard sales and keep the written words in a book shelf, awaiting my moment of discovery.

I’ll try to back fill some of the books I’ve read from the beginning of the year, though with 23 books already behind me – plus a half dozen short stories acquired from One Story –- I don’t know that I’ll get to everything from 2006.

Readers welcome.

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