Monday, December 31, 2018

What would you like to see in 2019?

For Elephant's Bookshelf Press, December and January are often about finalizing all the planning we've been doing throughout the year.

We begin 2019 with several projects under way, including our latest anthology of short stories around the overarching theme of flight. We have received some wonderful stories and are excited about publishing the best.

We have some other items in the pipeline, and also have several ideas. Just as importantly, we're able to switch things up a little if we need to. Who says elephants can't be nimble?

But what I'd like to know is what would you like to see this year from Elephant's Bookshelf Press?

A novel from another emerging author looking to develop his or her audience? Got someone in mind? We're open to submissions!  Direct queries to

An online course? (And if so, what would is it you have in mind? How to publish anthologies? How to write/self-publish short stories? How to develop your authorial voice? Something else?) Frankly, we have a couple course ideas that are in the hopper, but we are still trying to determine which makes the most sense. I believe the best way to start is with a free course for writers, but there are a lot of them out there already. But maybe you want to hear what the elephants have to say about that!
Another anthology of short stories? By "another" I mean in addition to the one we have in process right now. Anthologies take time to prepare, so if you're looking for a second anthology in 2019, we need to know that early on!

A collection of nonfiction essays (and if so, on what topic?) We haven't really tried this before, which could be exciting. But we need to have a focus. It's one thing for our brain trust to bang ideas around, but we want to know what readers are looking for.

Something else? There is no end to the number of possibilities. And we love learning new things, so perhaps we can learn together! Perhaps you want to see some sort of Facebook group or a series of author interviews. Let's face it, we've had some fantastic authors grace the pages of EBP anthologies before they became best selling and award-winning authors in their own right. Would you like to know what they're doing now?

We love to hear what our readers are looking for more of, so please let us know!

You can leave a comment here or send an email to

Happy New Year!

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